Murphy's law

Posted by Joe Amick on April 29, 2019

I am no history expert by any means, it seems that Murphy's law is credited for better or worse to Capt Edward A Murphy. I always knew it as "What can go wrong will". I have no idea if that is where it started but unfortunately the statement seems to hold true.

The lead times for the factories in Europe have been getting longer and longer over the last 18 months. To try and stay ahead of that we had placed orders for machines to have stock on hand. We try very hard to have machines and parts in stock at all times. Fast delivery can make all the difference if someone is in a jam and needs a machine now. Well this is where Murphy has shown up unfortunately. We received our extra order of machines only to lose our storage facility due to circumstances outside our control. This has left us with extra machines and no space to store them.

So in an effort to resolve the issue short term we are looking to eliminate some of our stock quickly. We will be including the LED interior light kit, Digital position unit and tool change function at no added cost. We also have a few machines equipped with the optional aluminum kit that will be offered at no additional cost. The aluminum kit is an optional extraction kit that helps to remove the lighter debris from materials like aluminum. The tools are shrouded with dust collection ports rather than the standard ports to each side of the feed belt. These machines are also all immune to the factories impending price increase that will be on the next shipments.

This is limited to machines in stock only and when they are gone they are gone. The machines are all 4TD-1000 machines and 460 volt. We have dust collectors in stock to support the machines if needed as well. This is an opportunity to get a fully optioned machine while saving money. What ever we need to do to help you get the machine you need we will do. If you need special terms or other flexibility just let us know we want to help.

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