Introducing the Loewer Orbital Finishing Disc

Posted by AM Machinery Sales on November 30, 2017


In today’s blog post we’d like to talk about the new rotary orbital finishing disc system accessory head from Loewer.

This new device allows users to do the work of a palm sander in situations where a palm sander would not be efficient. It creates a finish very similar to a DA pattern onto sheet metal.

For years, customer have been asking us for a machine that can produce a finish like a palm sander in a through-feed machine.

For example, metal shops could use the orbital finishing disc on sheet metal prior to fabrication, such as the chassis, to a large computer or electronic device.

Architectural metal shops describe this finish as “angel hair” and other colorful names. It has become a desirable aesthetic finish in these cases.

It can easily remove the marks created during a bending operation without having to finish the entire part following the forming operation. This allows for faster blending after bending and welding applications, due to the forgiving nature of the random scratch.

And in the food industry, the orbital finishing disc can provide the appropriate finish on stainless steel counter tops.  The food equipment industry has especially expressed an interest in a Random Orbital finish, having gained traction due to its inherent ability to camouflage scratches. The ability to pre-finish entire sheets of SS prior to fabrication will be an incredible time saver.

Professionals in this field need a finish that makes a feathery shape, so that knife marks aren’t visible on the surface. Because the scratch pattern is random in nature it hides more. This will also lend itself to repairs and alterations that need to be made in the field, because a readily available tool can be used to blend seems or patches.

Food processing and metal shops are just two of the fields that have expressed interest in this design, which is now ready as an optional accessory on all Discmaster machines.

This system will be retrofittable on all existing machines, at a reasonable price. And as you might expect, availability might become more difficult as word spreads on this unique design.

Contact us today for more information, and be sure to check out this video of the orbital finishing disc system in action.

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