New & Improved Loewer Control Panel for Metal Finishing

Posted by AM Machinery Sales on February 15, 2018


Any business that wants to do well focuses on continuous product improvement, and AM Machinery Sales – and our partners at Loewer deburring machines – are no exception.

That’s why we’ve upgraded the user interface to the Loewer DiscMaster line of metal finishing machines.

The new and improved control panel has two key features to make things easier for the end user: a new digital readout for tool positioning, and a tool change button.

LOEWER_DiscMaster 4TD-1000 2016_Bedienpult.deu.1_RT.jpgDigital Readout

The new digital readout sits right on the control panel for convenient viewing. We’ve also added a frequency inverter to the machine’s height adjustment monitor. This allows users to use the height adjustment buttons for coarse and fine adjustment.

The original design had coarse adjustment buttons on the control panel, while fine adjustments were controlled by a hand wheel on the side of the machine. By removing the hand wheel, we’ve increased clearances around the machine.

Tool Change Button

Tool_Change_ButtonWe are very excited about the tool change button, as it offers a much more efficient way to change out abrasives and tooling.

When this button is pushed, the carriage will automatically revert to its highest position. In the old design, the operator would have to hold the button.

The tool change button allows operators in the metal finishing field to instead use this time to complete other tasks. It might seem trivial, but it’s a convenience that makes operating the machine simpler and more efficient.

AM Machinery is constantly searching for ways to add value to the machines we offer. We know that for our customers, productivity and efficiency is a key to success, and we want to contribute to that.

We’ve made these changes because we saw what our customers needed, and listened to their suggestions and feedback.

If you’d like to offer some feedback, or want to know more about Loewer’s DiscMaster products, contact us today, or visit our video library to see these and other deburring machines in action.



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