New Technology in Deburring Equipment

Posted by AM Machinery Sales on September 22, 2017

New technology in deburring equipment

Once again, we’re going to turn things over to AM Machinery Sales President Tony McCue, who recently took time out of his schedule to talk about developments in deburring equipment technology.

As Tony notes at the start of the video clip below, there have been numerous changes in in deburring/finishing technology for the sheet metal industry.

Much of the clip is spent on deburring and finishing, and the Loewer DiscMaster machine. The discs in this machine have the same basic concept as the contact drum in other machines, but are designed to ride up over a part for better abrasive coverage.


“When you have a contact drum, the contact drum is hitting a very small point. In a case like this you might find that it’s a 16th of an inch,” Tony says in the video. “In a disc, that abrasive is on there and your part is going underneath the disc. It spends that whole time underneath…giving that part more time to be deburred.”

For more information, watch the video clip embedded on this page. If you want to find out more about Loewer deburring machines, check out this blog post or contact us. Our team can help you lower your cost of operations by finding the right machine for your next project.

Don’t forget to download our infographic that compares the cost of operating Loewer machines to typical wide belt sanding machines.


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