Finishing as a value added service?

Posted by AM Machinery Sales on July 24, 2018
The general feeling when it comes to sheet metal finishing is that it is a necessary evil. Its the dirty process shoved in a dark corner that no one wants to deal with. The truth is that it can be and is a value added service. It is another opportunity for your product to be better than the competition. If you buy good material and invest in quality cutting equipment why stop short and not invest in quality finishing? When you present your samples to a prospective customer the look of the part and the feel of the edges are the first thing they will see and pick up on. The part could be cut or formed to the exact specs requested but it has sharp edges or a variety of random handling marks. The potential client will see that and it could make them question the quality be it warranted or not. The finishing operation is that chance to make the part reflect your effort in producing it.


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Having equipment that can handle multiple operations from simple bur removal to heavy edge rounding could separate you from the competition. The ability to provide parts ready for paint or powder with a good key to the surface could be the point to get the business. Too many times the finishing is over looked rather than used as a value added feature of products. Good edge rounding can avoid thin coatings on the corners and avoid coating failure down the road. The same can be said for safe handling of the material later. The electrician working in the enclosure with rounded edges will be grateful the effort to round the edges was made. The same can be said of any number of parts from refrigerators to medical equipment. The later servicing of these items as well as avoiding the sharp edges that could cut seals or wires later are all worth the effort up front.

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There are many reasons to invest the time and effort in the finishing step. Thinking about what your products are used for and how the finishing can improve it is a way to set yourself apart. Getting the right process and flexible equipment are important in that process. Ask questions and put yourself in your customers position.

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