Operation Costs for Metal Finishing: Wide Belt vs. Disc Sanding

Posted by AM Machinery Sales on January 18, 2018

Metal finishing solutions

In this week’s blog post, we’re giving the floor to AM Machinery Sales President Tony McCue for another video blog on the cost savings that come from disc sanding.

“The old way is an expensive way to build a piece of equipment,” Tony says in this clip.

When using wide belt metal finishing machinery, users can expect to deal with a much higher amperage draw, which drives up the cost of daily electricity.

But with disc sanding, you’ll be using one tenth the amount of horsepower, which translates to substantial savings, as much as $125 a day.

“You’re talking about a savings that is mind-boggling,” Tony says.

For more information on the differences between wide belt and disc sanding, including how disc sanding allows you to get more life out of abrasives, watch the video embedded on this page.


If you’d like to learn more about disc sanding for metal finishing, please contact AM Machinery. Our team can help you find the right machine for your next project. And be sure to visit out video gallery to get insights on deburring technology, tube finishing and other machinery.

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