Here’s a Round-Up of Our Best Blogs!

Posted by AM Machinery Sales on January 4, 2018

Man jumping over gap between 2017 and 2018

The end of 2017 is here, and before we head into 2018 with new blog topics, we thought we’d look backwards.

This was our blog’s first year, so we’re highlighting some of the posts that resonated the most with our readers. Here are the top three best blogs:

1. Video: Do Vacuum Tables Really Work?

Do Vacuum Tables Really work?With this blog post, we turned things over to AM Machinery Sales President Tony McCue with a video that asks the question “Do vacuum tables really work?”

And in his opinion, they don’t work. They cost too much and are ineffective when working on smaller parts. Some people install fixtures to hold small pieces in place, but that only adds to the cost.

“With our machine and this disc concept, you virtually eliminate that problem. It just goes away,” Tony says in the video. “And that’s a nice thing to be able to offer you. I’ve done parts the size of a penny, and never shot them out of a machine. It’s just a better way to do a small part.”

2. Planetary Tube Grinding: Finishing Bent or Out-of-Round Tubes

Planetary Tube GrindingThis was the third in a four-part series of blog entries on tube grinding. This entry focuses on planetary tube grinding machines, which create a safer operating experience.

But perhaps more significantly, planetary systems can grind bent tube. These machines have a main rotating wheel, with a hole in the center for the tube to pass through. The blog post also looks at the components of each belt, and explains how a planetary grinding machine works.

3. Small Part Deburring Overview

Small part deburringThis was another video blog featuring Tony McCue explaining the nature of small part deburring.

“In most cases, sheet metal shops will make fixtures to hold parts, and manufacturers will come up with different ways to try to help it [through the machine], with vacuum tables and things of that nature. But for the most part it’s never really been something that’s been accomplished and done well.”

To learn more about small part deburring, tube grinding and disc deburring, please contact AM Machinery Sales. Our sales team will be happy to help you find the right machine for your next project.

And thank you all for reading, subscribing and sharing our posts these past 12 months. Happy New Year!

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